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Shoprider, a trusted and reliable brand


  • Quality
  • Nationwide
  • Repair Centres
  • Variety
  • Colours

Shopirder Soverign Mobility ScooterFor over 20 years Shoprider mobility scooters have enabled people with limited mobility to gain freedom and independence. Our vehicles are a brand that people have come to trust and rely on in a way that can only be earned through quality products delivered again and again.



  • Full nationwide support service on mobility vehicles available via the dealer network
  • Insurance and extended warranty options are also available
  • Great value for money
  • VAT FREE prices for disabled customers

It is not enough to simply “do your best”. You must strive for perfection

Subir Chowdhury

Support is given through our dealer network

Each dealer network member has been carefully selected to meet stringent requirements. Approved dealers will manage the after sales service of your vehicle and give you the confidence to travel and depend on your product

Detailed User Manuals and Parts Diagrams

Each of our vehicles has detailed diagrams and documentation for repairs and maintenance purposes

Flexible Technology

Are you right or left handed? Do you like red, blue or silver? How long are your legs... Let us know these things and we may be able to adjust your mobility vehicle to better suit your needs.

Built to last

Your approved dealer will have access to parts and batteries to increase the life span of your mobility scooter or powerchair

our working processin 3 steps

helping you select the right mobility vehicle to suit your immediate and future requirements

planning & strategy

Selecting the right vehicle can be quite challenging. Call us for free advise on what vehicle is right for you.

Order & bespoke

Decide on the right vehicle with the right adjustments for you.


Await your delivery from one of our trained dealer network members