Mobility scooters on buses

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Good news, certain small mobility scooter can now be taken on low-floor buses.

To get permission to using your mobility scooter onto a bus the following steps are recommended:

  1. Check with the local bus company if they are running a mobility scooter permit scheme
  2. Confirm that your mobility scooter meets the correct criteria i.e. Class 2 type, certain size limits, weights, turning circles etc
  3. Get the bus company to assess you safely using your scooter on the bus.

Permit schemes have been developed across the UK by the Confederation for Passenger Transport (CPT) and in London by Transport for London (TfL). The CPT scheme will be issuing credit-card sized permits which can be shown to the driver to confirm that you are allowed to travel with your scooter.

Eligible for a mobility scooter permit require

  • Be a Class 2 (pavement scooter) rather than a Class 3 vehicle (road legal)
  • A maximum of 600mm wide and 1000mm long
  • Have a turning radius of no more than 1200mm
  • A maximum user & mobility scooter combined weight of 300KG – The ramps safe normal working load!

Which Shoprider Mobility Scooters fit this criteria:

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3 Responses to “Mobility scooters on buses”

  1. Graham Todd says : Reply

    Great news at last! Do you know which companies have signed up to the scheme? In the past, I’ve found Arriva to be very negative about having pavement scooters and power chairs on buses; has Arriva signed up to this scheme?

    • mcshop says : Reply

      Are you in London? If so, TFL manage it throughout. And you can even get an official accredited pass.

    • Ian Fell says : Reply

      Yes, Arriva have accepted the CPT Mobility Scooter Code.
      You should contact Arriva in your local area in order that an official can visit you to ensure your scooter complies with the specification for a Class II scooter and a permit will be issued in due course.
      Please ensure that your permit is presented to the driver upon boarding a bus EVERY TIME.

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